Issue no. 09


I asked: "what do you do for enhancing your inner beauty, related to purification of your soul?"

The reply was:

"I offer prayer five times daily and recite Holy Quran with translation"

I wanted to say:

"These are not the enhancing materials. These are the "pillars" of beauty. If you dont follow them your heart and soul will become smudged with blackness. Once you start observing prayers regularly and reciting Quran, your innerself will begin the process of purification.


And for enhancing this purity, you should pursue the small acts of kindness like: giving smile to a distressed, speaking softly with your mother, giving true love to your wife, obeying your father, spreading peace, paying charity to needy and above all the most important JIHAD-BIN-NAFS. That is:

Offering prayer at the time when your heart is willing to delay the prayer, recitng Quran right at the time when your heart is saying 'its enough now leave it', doing zikr of Almighty Allah when your heart is seeking entertainment by uploading a status on facebook.

This is what we learn from Quran. Following Uswa-e-Hasana (SAW), will lead us to that beauty with holds no second to it."