Issue no. 09


I'll never be able to become a doctor. I'll always keep getting lower grades."

Momina spoke sadly to her friend.

"Why are you getting depressed?"

Asked Ayesha.

"I want to be a doctor and don't you know it requires higher percentage to get admission in a medical college. And you have seen I got 75% though I worked hard but.... "

Momina liberated a cold sigh.

"My dear friend is this the only reason of your depression?"

"What!! Are you still saying "only" ??"

Momina was astonished on Ayesha's reaction. Why is she not understanding that becoming doctor meant everything to her.

"Momina! Isn't it a disgrace of Almighty Allah that in moments of little sadness we start considering our whole life without any drop of happiness, we forget all the blessings which say us to be thankful to Him."

"Ayesha I'm not disgracing Allah's blessings. I'm just expressing my sadness in front of you."

"No need to be sad on this matter. Just imagine your lower percentage  can prove fruitful in some other regard to you."

"How can I imagine an impossible thing?"

"Nothing is impossible for Allah. Just accept this percentage as a belief in the written of destiny."

"Yeah! It was my destiny. But I m not happy on this."

"Listen! You believe that your mother loves you a lot."

"Yes I do"

"Than if she writes all that will happen in  your life, you admire that she'll write everything perfect and better for you?"

"Yes Surely I will."

"Then don't forget that Allah loves you seventy times more than your mother. How can He write something bad for you?"

"Ohhh!! I was getting pessimistic. Thank you for enabling me to open my eyes."

Ayesha hugged her best friend. And they both crossed the college gate to reach their homes.