Issue no. 09


Whenever I see the pigeons feeding the small beaks opened in front of them, whenever I see the hen spreading her wings around the chicks, whenever I see the ducklings being trained by the duck how to swim, I feel myself mesmerized under the influence of these scenes. I look at the lioness licking the future king of the jungle.

I notice the cats milking their children. I observe the elephants walking with their kids. I see the bear in wrath taking revenge of her teddy bear with the tiger. I become astonished on this phenomenon.


Above all I see the restive lady when her son is suffering from fever. I can see different faces of mothers, all endeavoring for the welfare of their babies, their heart pieces.

Mothers, pursuing the happiness of their kids. Mothers, working continuously for making their children smile. Mothers, waking whole night to ensure the safety of their sweethearts. More or less every act of mothers is for or related to the betterment of their children, enduring all the hardships by themselves and providing tranquility to their children. The satisfaction, harmony, peace, in the life of a mother is all due to the progress of her kid. The nourishment she gives, never asks the reward for it. Never counts the favors she did. Never wants anything more than happiness of her kid. Than why shall I not call her love. Mom's are the best symbol of love.