Issue no. 09


Have you noticed the beautiful flowers, green leaves with dew drops, flying birds high in the skies, flowing stream between landscape, swimming fishes with different colors, high peaked mountains.

Do you know what the colorful buds say when they blossom? What the birds sing while taking flight in early morning? Have you pondered upon the panorama dwelling in the seas?

The dusk welcoming the king of light The Sun, the dawn preparing to astonish us with luminous stars, the high peaked mountains standing with honor, the signs of Liberty The Hawks diving for their meal. Don't they inform you about the power of someone and that this all is not going on by itself. There is someone who is controlling them The Supreme The Powerful The Almighty The Creator of not only us but The Creator of 18 thousands creatures. Not only the Creator but also A Great Care Taker of minute things of His creatures. Looking them, listening there demands and fulfilling according to their needs. This is Allah The Great.

Why He has created all this? Why He is running all this unlimited, huge and immense system of the universe? Why? For us, yes for us and only just for us. So that we ponder upon His creation and realize His Greatness  and Power and obey His order.

That's why dear readers we should

Think with our brain the creations of Allah

See with our eyes the marvels of Allah

Listen with our ears the Greatness of Allah

And speak with our tongue the blessings of Allah

When we will do this it will become easy for us to obey the orders of Allah according to the teaching of our prophet Muhammad SAW.

(Sub-Editor, Zainab Saeed)