Muslim narrated in his Sahih that Jabir bin Abdullah R.A said I heard the messenger of Allah P.B.U.H say:

“Cover the pot and tie the knot of the water skin, for there is a day during the year in the which a disease descends and falls in whatever pot that is not covered, or water skin, which is not tied, that it passes by.”

This Hadith contains a type of divine knowledge that the doctors could never reach on their own. Laith bin Saad one of the narraters of this Hadith, said, “non muslim know which day it is, in January, and they try to avoid its harm”.

The Prophet P.B.U.H commanded that the pots be covered, even with a branch, so that one makes covering it a habit. Also, when one covers the pot with a branch, crawling insects will not fall in food but will pass over it on the branch.

Furthermore, the Prophet P.B.U.H commanded that we mention Allah’s name when covering the pot to repel Satan and insects and animals.