Here are some amazing information to share with you.

Do you know:

1) The first thing, on the basis of which people analyze your personality, are your shoes. So, wear decent ones.

2) If you keep on sitting for more than eleven hours a day, perhaps you can fall ill within two years.

3) At least  there are your six facsimiles in this world. And there are 9% chances you'll meet to one of them in your life.

4) Sleeping without a soft pillow, will strengthen your waist. And you will get rid off the abdominal pain.

5) The height of any person can be similar to his father normally. And the weight to his mother.

6) Human mind becomes suddenly conscious on three things: food, attractive faces and danger.

7) Dried tea bags have the ability to finish the unpleasant smell from exercise bags and smelly shoes.

8) You can live without food for weeks, but without sleep only eleven days.

9) Apple species hold such a variety, if you eat a different apple daily it will take twenty years to know all of them.

10) According to Albert Einstein, if honey bees become extinct, then human beings will also become extinct within four days.

11) Idleness kills the people in the same manner as smoking kills.

12) Human brain can save information up to five times more than wikipedia.

13) Our brain uses that much power which is required to lighten a ten watts bulb.

14) In thirty seconds, the heat liberated by our body is enough to boil 1.5 liters of water.

15) Everyday a ten minutes walk with a smile on our face can free us from depression.