It was a bright summer day. The roads of California were busy with moving traffic. She was to reach the panel at 5 pm. It was getting 4:30 now.

"Ohh..!! Traffic blocked."

She dashed her fist on the steering. In the back mirror was a car taking a back turn. Sudden idea made her to smile.

"Well done my intelligent brain."

She followed that black corolla and gave her mind round of applause for such a quick decission. Now she was on alternate way to the panel and the road was free to move the car speedily. At sharp 4:56 she was at the door of the office.

"I'm on time." She was delighted with joy.

"Welcome Miss Mariane! Here your place."

Block said in an offensive tone.

"I'm sorry Mister Block! I can't be seated beside you. And one thing more, I'm Miss Maryam, your highness."

She said with glittering eyes and selected the last chair around the table for herself to sit.

It was getting intolerable for Block to see the peace spread on her face.

She placed her handbag in front of her and comforted her neck with the back of the chair.

"Uhhh..!! what religion she accepted, the one which demands a woman to wear such heavy clothes in summer.. Idiot girl."

This was what Block's mind was thinking.


"Hey, Mariane! Be careful."

Robert held her hand. She was walking trembling. After a long time of dancing and drinking with him, she got out of mind and started quarrelling with every person present in the bar. Robert was hesitating to keep her with him. And now he brought her on the wide road and left her hand, and himself rushed far away from her, back to the bar. For he was not wishing to ruin his new year night for the sake of foolish Mariane.

Being alone on the street at midnight was not a matter of trouble for her. She kept her feeble steps on the road one after the other. Talking to no one in front, she was appearing a completely drunk girl. Intense light on her eyes made her mind to be attentive and this illumination with a heavy sound of car's tires being regressively rubbed against the road and sharp horn was the last thing she heard before getting unconscious.


"Robert, Robert... Where are you?"

She was screaming with her closed eyes. Laying on the hospital bed a nurse was beside her. She made her unconscious again. And Waited for her to come out from the influence of tranquilliser.

After two more hours Mariane opened her eyes, a lady with a white coat was standing in front of her. A sliding table was above her legs. It seemed she was in a hospital ward.

"Where is Robert? Who are you? Where am I? Who brought me here?"

She started questioning in a loud tone.

"Miss Mariane! You were hit by a car on new year night. The driver of that car brought you here in hysteric condition. He accepted the responsibility of any harm that was caused to you. No serious injury is present on your body. Your mind was demanding rest. And today after three days you came conscious. And now I hope you are feeling better."

"Three days..!!! Who is that man who accepted my responsibility."

Now the tone of Mariane was low and thoughtful.

"He is Mister Muhammad Usman."

"What..!! What sort of name is it?"

The nurse remained quiet.

"Can I meet him?"

Asked Mariane.

"He has left the hospital after receiving the news of your recovery. You are to be discharged from here in a while."

Mariane left the back of the bed and sat straight.

"Do you have his contact number?"

"Yes Mam! It is present in the hospital record."


It was fifteen days after the accident that she was going to meet Muhammad Usman. She dressed herself in a short skirt and backless shirt. A deep red lipstick on her lips and thick eyeliner, she was preparing herself to spend a night with him. According to her estimation that guy will be overjoyed to see her and she will be able to reward him for the human care he provided. She reached the prescribed hotel, she was pondering why Muhammad Usman didn’t invited her to his home. On the preallocated table, there sat a white guy with black beard on his face. Wearing a white dress, he looked like an angel. At once, Mariane was influenced by his appearance. She was astonished why she didn’t considered him a terrorist. Suddenly she regret and went to that man.

"Sorry Sir!...This table is already booked."

"Mam..! I have booked this table to meet someone for the first time.  May I know your name?"

"I'm Mariane"

"I'm Muhammad Usman. You were eager to meet me."

Bewildered Mariane, speechless, with her eyes open, she was unable to move. If he is Muhammad Usman, why is he not looking at me! Why he spoke to me like an accused man! Her dressing condition made her to shy in front of that chaste man.

"Miss Mariane! I have to leave after fifteen minutes. You are already ten minutes late. I hope you understand."

She was mesmerised by his purity. The man who was continuously gazing the table while having the most beautiful girl standing in front of him, in his vicinity. There were no signs of happiness on his face, rather he seemed in a trouble. Mariane sat on the chair. The only thing which she was able to utter was

"I wanted to thank you for the help you gave me."

This time her heart wished that the handsome boy sitting near her, may lift his eyes at least once, and watch her breathtaking taking beauty, but the reply was

"It was my obligation to take care of you as a human being because you were in desperate need of help."

Again with lowered eyes and dignifying voice.

"Are you not a terrorist? Or you are not a Muslim?"

"I'm a muslim and muslims are not terrorist. Islam is the religion of peace and spreads the message of love and peace."

"Why are you not looking at me. I dressed so, just for you."

She said in an offended mood.

"Actually in our religion a girl's beauty is for her husband only. No man is permitted to see her nor the girl to show off."

His voice was sweeter than any melody Mariane heard   She left him after fifteen minutes. And now her car was directed towards the Islamic library. She got some books and went straight away home. Robert was calling her. She forgot who was Robert, the one who threw her away... How is it possible to get back to that person. She studied the books thoroughly. Her heart was settling. She was unbelievably receiving inner peace. The religion which gave dignity to woman was Islam and she was still not aware about this fact. Tears slipped on her cheeks. She has to accept Islam. Her final decision and her hearts voice.

She didn’t mistake to waste her time anymore. The very next day she was walking on the path of tranquility, with dignified steps, holding the flag of peace, she accepted Islam. Muhammad Usman received her text message.

"I've entered the religion of peace."

"It is the best news I ever hear in my life." He replied.

And today, sitting among the panel, she taught of all the worries that were washed away after accepting Islam. Now she was a Muslimah.


"You know Maryam!

The hijab that is neatly assembled on a woman's head gives her much more beauty than a crown on a queen's head."

"I am honoured."

She smoothly rested her face on his shoulder.

Muhammad Usman owns her now. It was the best feeling she ever had. Now they were planning to settle in Saudia Arabia. Where they could spend their collective lives on Islam without the interruption of Block or Robert type people. Who were continuously in search for a reason to harm Maryam. A solid and strong life partner was available to her, to console her and to wash away all the fears. She was a queen without a crown but something more than a crown she owned. She owned Muhammad Usman, who was her heads crown.