It is a very touching story. It shows the love of Allah, the power of Allah (S.W.T). Never ever under estimate the power of Allah (S.W.T).

There was a sheikh in Saudia Arabia who narrated this story, that a doctor from Pakistan visited him and told him a story that actually happened with the doctor. The doctor said I am top neurologist of Pakistan and well known Also out of Pakistan. Thats why it is very hard to meet me. You have to wait months on end before you can get an appointment with me. One day I was flying from one city of Pakistan to another city that suddenly clouds built up, huge clouds and the lighting started striking and it started pouring and pouring.


There was a lot of turbulence due to which one of the engine of our aircraft got struck and got damaged. Because of which we had to land. We landed at a nearby airport or a strip.

The area where we landed was a remote area. It was very difficult to repair the aircraft there because there was no one to repair. I asked the captain that how long we are going to stay here? The captain said well it will take a long time. On hearing this I started thinking and asked the captain, I want to go at that place how far is it from here? It is three hours drive from here on road, why don't you just go by road. So I decided to go by the road as I liked the idea of the captain. I stopped a vehicle, jumped in and started progressing towards my destination. As we started the clouds built up again,the lighting started and the rain was pouring so much that we had to stop the vehicle because the vehicle could not move because of mud and water. Where we stopped it was a farmland out in the rural.  We decided to stay at somebody's house until the storm stops. We saw a small house and knocked the door. After some while an old lady happened to answer the door. We told her our problem and asked her let us stay and have some shelter until the rain stops. The old lady gave us the permission, so we entered. She gave us a place to offer salah and have some rest. It was a small house and there lived the old lady with a little child which was on bed. The old lady was after every while checking the child and reading salah. We were very surprised to see that all, but remained quite. After sometime the storm got lowered and we thanked the old lady and set to leave, but before leaving we asked the old lady what is the matter with the child?

The old lady said "I am  the grandmother of this orphan child and this child is very sick. I have been to all the doctors around, but insane. The doctors have told us that there is one specialist around who can help this child. We have tried to make an appointment with that doctor but they said to us to come six months later and it is far away. I am making Duma to Allah since that day o'Allah make it easy for us the child is very sick make it easy for us O'Allah. "

I asked what is the name of that specialist?

The lady replied "his name is doctor Eshan"

On hearing the name I immediately busted into tears. The old lady surprisingly looking at me asked why are you crying?

I said your Dua has just being accepted, because i am doctor Eshaan. For your Dua, the thunder came, the lighting strikes, the engines struck, we came down, we came on the road, the rain came again and stopped us and now we are at your home. Suddenly the rain also stopped just after the question was being answered. And now the old lady started crying.

The doctor said I learned from this that Allah's army are beyond limits. Allah uses whatever He wants and how He wants.

It would have not been in the wildest dream of that doctor that he could feel that the top man, whom it is semi-impossible to meet without big big appointments, would actually be driven all the way to the door, knock the door, come in there, have some rest and would serve the child there.

This story also show that we should have yakeen i.e. have conviction. If it is meant for us it will definitely come in our direction. And above all this, all that happen by the mercy and power of Allah (S.W.T).