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Respected Prime Minister

The vastness of his empire can be measured from the fact that its boundaries reached from Hind and Tartar to the Atlantic Ocean. The whole of the Islamic world, except Andalusia, was under his command. Rome and Greece too were dependant states. He has an outstanding position among the Abbasids because of his wisdom, astuteness, determination, valour, generosity, and ambitiousness. His appreciation and encouragement of artisans and skilled people attracted them from far and wide to his court. He was a firm believer and observer of the rules of the Shariah. He never delayed his salah except in illness; he alternated each year in jihad and ziarah of the Ka'bah sending a group of 300 hajis from his own expense when he was absent himself. When he did go, he took with him a great number of scholars and jurists.

You must know by now that I am talking about the famous Abbasid Caliph, Haroon Rashid who came to rule in 107 Hijrah. A childhood friend of Haroon Rashid was Hadhrat Sufyan Thuri (rahimuhullah 'alaihe). When he became the Khalifah, Haroon Rashid wished several times to see his friend but he was a man of God and uninterested in worldly things. He ignored the Caliph. Annoyed, the ruler wrote him a letter, "From Haroon Rashid to Brother Sufyan, Brother, you know that Allah has bound the Muslims in a link of Ukhuwwah. The relationship between me and you is still alive. All my old friends came to congratulate me and I returned them with valuable gifts. I am sorry that you have not come; I would have myself but it is against the dignity of the status of Khilafah."

Hadhrat Sufyan Thuri answered back, "From frail Sufyan to Haroon, adorer of wealth, You have admitted in your letter that you have wasted the Muslims' wealth in unnecessary and expensive gifts. You are still not satisfied and want me also to give evidence of your lavishness on the Day of Judgment. Haroon, you should be prepared to answer before Allaah. You sit on a grand throne and wear garments of silk; your door is always guarded, your ministers drink themselves but punish others for drinking; they fornicate themselves but cut the hands of thieves. Haroon, the day will come when your hands will be tied fast and you will lead your cruel ministers to the gates of Hell.

I have paid my due of compassion, and now, never write to me again!" When Haroon read the letter he gave a loud cry and wept for a long time. He was a softhearted person with eyes ready to run. Mansoor bin 'Ammar says that in that time three people were the most tender hearted whose fear of Allaah made them weep often; one was Fudhayl bin 'Ayyadh, the second Abu 'Abdur Rahman Zahid, and the third Khalifah Haroon Rashid. One day Haroon asked him the meaning of the ayah "wa taqatta 'u bi humul asbaab". He replied that on the Day of Judgment all worldly ties will be broken. Hearing this the Khalifah broke out in loud sobs.

Allaah loves the tears that flow in fear of His wrath or repentance of sins. Rasulullah (sallallahu 'alaihe wasallam) says that two drops are worth more than anything in the sight of Allaah, one the drop that falls (from the eye) in fear of Him, and the second, the drop that falls from a mujahid's body in the way of God.

Hadhrat Anas bin Malik (radiyallahu ta'ala 'anhu) reports that Rasulullah (sallallahu 'alaihe wasallam) said, "The one who remembered Allaah and his tears wet the ground of His (Allaah's) fear, will not be given punishment on the day of Qiyamah."

The wish comes repeatedly in my mind that if there had been a Sufyan Thuri now he could have addressed the Prime Minister thus, "Respected Prime Minister, there is a lot of talk of your wealth, your intelligence and shrewdness; your graciousness and ability. You have started your term with the noble deed of 'Umrah and the ziarah of the grav of (Rasulullah sallallahu 'alaihe wasallam). Congratulations on such a beginning.

Are you unaware of the facts that from years on end the ummah of the Rasul (sallallahu 'alaihe wasallam) has been avalanched with troubles, difficulties, and tribulations. Its body is wounded seriously from head to foot; the whole world's non-believers are making it a target. Enemies aside even friends don't refrain from aiming at it. Everywhere the believers are faced with derision, taunts, accusations, threats, shackles, and lynches. Each country and each city has become a "Taif".

Respected Prime Minister you too must have heard the cries of the women and children of WANA. God has given you a chance; for His sake, do something for the weeping, moaning, crying nation! Give it a helping hand, try to feel their hurt and assuage it. The blood of Muslims is very precious; do not allow others to play with it. Fear the lamentations of widows and orphans.

Sir! You are aware that the foundations of this country were laid on the words, "La ilaa ha" but our rulers have forgotten the true God and started worshipping false ones. If you establish the law of the true God in this country, the prosperity of both worlds will be at your feet.

Respected Prime Minister! Each person in this country is corrupt. Bribery begins from the top and ends at the basest level; there is no justice available; inflation has broken our backs, unemployment is widespread; thieves, robbers, muggers reign supreme. Peace is nowhere to be found, fear is rampant. Come forward and cut the hands off the thieves, break the claws of the tyrants, spread smiles on the faces of the oppressed, the hungry, the poor; give out justice......if you are successful in accomplishing all this, your fate will be sealed with glory here and hereafter.

But if this fails to happen, remember! The Day of Judgment will be a day of severity. You will have to pay for the tyranny of each minister, secretary, and soldier. When all of them head towards Hell, God forbid that you be their "Prime Minister".

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