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Muslims are well aware of present day’s Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), Christian Missionaries and wicked welfare organizations and so they are highly concerned about their activities. For this reason we have tried to highlight and expose the aims and objectives of these organizations and their ways of carrying out their activities through these columns. These efforts of ours are meant to protect the innocent Muslims and religious scholars from the influence of these so-called welfare organizations and also to educate people to keep themselves away from their wicked and nefarious designs. Before we start, we think it is a must to inform Muslims that news reports, which are published in the newspapers and magazines of Western world about Muslims converting to non-Muslim religions, are baseless, fictitious and exaggerated.

Such news reports are published to mislead people and governments, which are funding these wicked organizations so they can get more and more financial assistance. It is a fact that such preachers (non-Muslim) are found nowhere in the world who would spend money from their own resources but all of them serve their personal interest and work for their personal gains. The stories of their luxurious life and indulging into anti-social activities make the most corrupt ashamed. Actually such missionaries are supported and facilitated by Christian rulers, capitalists and artistes and on top of everyone ‘the Jews’. So, in order to gain more and more favour and financial assistance such missionaries present their activities in the world as extra-ordinary. Bloodvein, a missionary, working in an Arabian country, has claimed that he has converted many Muslims to Christians. On his claim the agency he was working for, sent a team to ascertain whether his claim was true. This team found none of the Muslims who changed his religion and embraced Christianity. Such propaganda is mostly done to mislead Muslims and attract the attention of more and more Muslims bring them into their fold.

This fact proves that such missionaries throw bait of glittering West to mould Muslims to change their religious belief. However, they fail in their nefarious designs. They know that Muslims, despite the fact they are living below poverty line, will never change their religious belief. For this purpose the missionaries adopt four tactics namely ‘lust, fear, pressure, and lies, to achieve their objective. It must be clear to all Muslims that Christianity is based on these four principles. If any news report about ‘Muslim converted to Christianity’ is heard from any part of the world that would definitely be based on these four or one of these four principles otherwise no sensible person would find any attraction in Christianity and leave Islam which is a complete, easy and most attractive religion in the world. No sensible person would prefer to fall into the filth leaving the true path of Islam. This is a reality that missionaries know very well. They know that despite using these four tactics they can never succeed in making a Muslim to change his or her religious belief. However, they succeed to certain extent that they make a Muslim to follow their traditions while remaining in the fold of Islam and this they consider at their biggest success against Muslims and Islam.

Dr Evening was the principal of Lahore Mission College. He was also the head of Hindustan Mission Church. He was once questioned: “What do you achieve by spending huge money on your missionary colleges and schools?” He replied: “It is true that we have never been successful in making Muslim students to come into the fold of Christianity, but our objective is not really to convert Muslims into Christians, our aim is to bring them under the influence of Christian culture and society. If they don’t come into the fold of Christianity then it is more than enough for us that they at least don’t remain complete Muslims. Our mission is not to leave Muslims to follow their religious path but they should be westernized. If this is done then mission is complete and we think the money we are spending on this mission is not going waste. The curriculum given by Lord Mikaley also teaches this that don’t leave Muslims on their religious path.”

There is one more confusion that should also be removed from the mind of Muslims and by doing so it would be easier to understand the aims and objectives of missionaries. If you look into the culture, activities, lifestyle and mental approach, you will know that these westerners believe in no religion. You will find them materialist. The entire world including America and Europe worships petrol, gold, and money. But it is startling to know that such materialists and capitalists have been supporting missionaries who claim that they are promoting religious welfare and spiritual life. America, France, Britain, Italy and Russia, who are known to be anti-religion within their own countries, are supporting the Christian preachers. Is not this the eight wonder of the world that those who do not believe in spiritual life, are working for this cause? The reason behind this being is actually they are the enemies of Islam and so they have gathered at one platform to do bad with the only true religion of the world. All of them, though have internal conflicts and do not accept each other’s supremacy, but as far as the mission against Islam and Muslims is concerned they are one. They hate Muslims and the religion of Islam and their hatred sometimes lead them to opt for crusades. Their mission is to damage Islam by hook or by crook.

Their way of committing a religious crime is that they take benefit of deteriorating condition of people by extending medical, financial and other sorts of help. Their belief is wherever you find human being you will find desperation, ailments and wherever there is ailment there would be a need of a doctor and wherever there is a need of a doctor, there would be better opportunities to carry out missionary work. By extending medial help the doctors get closer and closer to the patients and gradually try to change their thinking about the religion.

A Christian doctor, Dr Poly Horres writes on page 277 of his book, ‘Doctor in the Arabian countries’: “A missionary is never happy by establishing a hospital, although its earning is more than the total earning of Oman, but the main objective of a missionary is to convert Muslims into Christians.”

These missionaries never extend any medical aid to the ailing Muslim unless they are sure that he or she would follow their culture and traditions. For this purpose they make the Muslim patient believe that it is only Christ who would cure him or her (God forbid).
Missionaries adopted a noble way of preaching Christianity in the Valley of Nile. The formed a mobile clinic in River Nile. Their procedure was that they used to announce well before that the mobile clinic is reaching to such and such place. People used to bring their patients and wait for the mobile clinic. Before the clinic cold reach, a missionary used to preach Christianity.

Besides clinics and hospitals, missionaries use schools, colleges and other educational institutions to preach Christianity. According to renowned missionary, Henry Husp: “Imparting education in missionary schools is a mission to achieve certain objective and that objective is to bring the human being under the influence of Christianity.” The syllabus, the missionary schools introduce, is based on fictitious stories and lies. In these books Islam is presented as the most prejudiced religion of the world. These books describe Islam that promotes loot and plunder, corruption and all anti-social activities and Quraan is declared as notes of such guidance. Means, the religion of Islam is presented in these missionary books by distorting the facts and realities.

Most missionary schools are established in Muslim countries. Their apparent standards, basic facilities, style of imparting education and fluency of English language attract more to the people who opt for better education for their wards setting aside the religious education. Such people never think, what their children would obtain in these missionary schools. They are ignorant to the fact that the innocent mind of their children are accepting the slow poison against their own religion that is injecting by these missionaries.

It is obligatory for our religions organizations to make efforts to save the Muslims particularly the children and innocent Muslim adults from the clutches of these missionaries.

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