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Mr President, please stop For God’s Sake. Before taking any step you must think once again. It is very sensitive issue. You must consult your advisors and your conscience. But, be careful, your advisors will give their suggestions seeing your desire. They are more cautious about their future than yours. They keep their benefit dearer than yours. If you call night its a day, they will not deny but repeat your words. They will see stars and moon in the sky in broad daylight. If you will autumn, its spring they will call it spring. They will see green trees with blooming flowers all around. And if you will call spring, it’s autumn, they will see trees without leaves everywhere. These people are slaves and off-spring of slaves. They set their direction seeing the trend of the power lobby. They never take decisions on the basis of principles and ideologies.

Renowned Maharaja of Punjab, Ranjeet Singh, was one day passing through a village. On the way he saw a ready field of brinjal. He looked at a brinjal and shrank his nose. He asked his minister, “What a funny vegetable is it.” In reply the minister started counting the negative aspects of that vegetable. Later, after few days, the Maharaja once again passed through the same route. This time his mood was people-friendly. So, he started praising brinjal. The same minister accompanied him who spoke against the vegetable. He saw the trend and started counting the advantages of brinjal. Maharaja was surprised to see that his minister, the other day, was cursing the vegetable, but in the next round he was producing words of high praise for the vegetable which he had disliked earlier. He asked his minister, what happened? You had not praised it last time. The minister bent his head and humbly mentioned, “My lord, I am your servant not of the brinjal.”

So, Mr President, your advisors will never come forward with the reality before you. They will continue to second your thoughts. And this way they are justifying their loyalty with you. Mr President, you should also not be impressed by the columns, written by ‘pro-power lobby’ journalists. This is their style. They have sold their writing to the power hungry people. They have mortgaged their journalistic skills. Such journalists are physically here in Pakistan, but mentally they are in Washington or Paris.

General Sahib, you must consult your conscience instead of seeking advices from your ‘loyal advisors’. You must not forget that the Holy Prophet, Mohammad Sallallaho Alaihe Wasallum, has also advised to consult your conscience before taking any big decision. He has said that when you are not satisfied with what your are doing, you are committing a sin. But, when you ask for the suggestion from your heart, you get right advice. It is true that most of the time we disagree to what our heart says and overwhelmed by emotions, we kill our conscience. So, General Sahib. You are a Muslim. You must understand that Qur’aan has stopped us from moving forward to have friendship with Jews and Nazarenes. The Holy Prophet has termed the blood of a Muslim as the honour of Ka’aba. Allah Almighty has given you wisdom. You should think, why America is putting a lot of pressure on Pakistan to send troops to Iraq. Is it for the safety and security of Iraqi people? Who Iraqis have a fear from? Are they afraid of Saddam and his supporters? No, never. Iraqi Muslim are not facing any danger.

It is America and its allied forces who see a danger. If this danger is not seen to your advisors then advice them to have their eyesight checked. The world media has accepted that America is facing grave danger in Iraq. Not only the world media, American commanders, who are in Iraq, are also saying this. Each and every troop of allied forces has become the sore of Iraqis’ eyes. Hatred for Americans and their allies has reached its peak. Resistance against allied forces is increasing with each passing day. Suicide attacks against Americans have become a routine in Iraq. Mujahideen are fighting the alien forces with greater courage. Not only Bush and Tony Blair are highly concerned over the situation, but the entire American and British nations are worried and so concerned. They understand well the situation. They are thinking the different ways. They see the false and baseless propaganda against Iraq to launch military assault with suspicion. They believe that their rulers had told them lies. American and Britons have understood that Iraq neither had possessed nuclear or biological weapons nor Saddam Hussain had become a threat to the world peace. However, Bush was confident that Iraqis would warmly welcome the allied forces to get rid of Saddam Hussain and America would be able to befool Iraqis on the basis of democracy and by showing them golden dreams of above standard lifestyle. Bush had also thought that he would win the sympathies of majority of Iraqis who are desirous of getting rid of dictatorship. But, contrary to the fact, the situation is against the apprehensions of Bush. Iraqis have not forgotten the worst economic sanctions, America has imposed on Iraq about 12 years back. They have not forgotten the hardship they have faced due to these economic sanctions.

They are steadfast and will never bow before the America and its allies to win a foreign support. Their operations, counter attacks, and suicide attacks have proved that they committed to eliminate the foreign forces from their land. With short intervals they send the gifts of decomposed bodies of American soldiers to President Bush. This situation has compelled Bush to look towards India, Bangladesh, Turkey and Pakistan to seek their help.

It is so thoughtful that India has totally refused to consider American demand. However, Turkey has sent its troops to Iraq while the statements of Pakistani rulers show that they are also planning to follow the suit. Although, this gesture of sending Pakistani troops to Iraq is being termed a step forward to extend a helping hand to Iraqi people, everybody knows that the purpose of sending troops to Iraq is to protect the American and allied troops. This would ultimately result into clash between Iraqi and Pakistan troops. In the end the oppressor would remain well protected while oppressed would bear the losses of life and resources. We must not forget that the whole Muslim world, including Pakistan and Iraq, is oppressed. In some countries, Muslims are subjecting the brethren Muslims to injustices while in some Muslim dominated areas, Muslims are falling victim to the non-Muslim policies and injustice. But, General Sahib, you are the ruler of a country which was founded on the basis of ‘Lailaha Illallah’. You must not send Muslims troops to kill Iraqi Muslims who look at you to come for their rescue not to kill them at the behest of non-Muslim super power.

General Sahib, please think once again otherwise you will find no way out to escape the hardest punishment from Allah Almighty. All Muslims from Afghanistan to Southern Waziristan, from Gilgit to Iraq, are the followers of the Holy Prophet Mohammad Sallallaho Alaihe Wasallum. All Muslims should be united against the non-Muslim world. We are not in a position to pressurize you to change your decision, but we can request you to reconsider your decision of sending troops to Iraq.

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