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Each year the 11th September used to come and go ordinarily but now when a person talks of the 11th September, his mind stops for a while recalling an unforgettable event. On that day, a building about which the architects had claimed that no cyclone or flood and no earthquake or air attack could destroy it, fell to ground. The claims proved to be hollow and the security arrangements of the superpower turned into a wall of sand. The writers who go in details would describe the height and area of the World Trade Center, the number of doors, windows and lifts and the number of people employed there. They would also try to count the number of dining rooms, cafeterias, snake bars, ACs, fans, tube lights, toilets and bathrooms and how much wine, how much tea, how much coffee and how much soft drinks were taken there daily, how much mails came there and how many phone calls were received daily. To embellish their articles, some of the journalists would narrate the story of a maiden who worked in WTC and was held dear by her colleagues. Then, they would regretfully write, “How precious things got buried under the debris of WTC.”

These details have been appearing in the newspapers for the last one year and will continue to be described perhaps until another incident of this sort takes place. However, a Muslim having a deep insight into the world affairs does not take the event as confined to the destruction of a few buildings. His thoughts reach far advanced points since he knows that the debris of WTC in New York had fallen upon the Islamic Emirate in Afghanistan. Just as the fans of materialism cannot forget the buildings made of steel and stone, the upholders of spiritualism cannot forget the enviable Emirate that was formed on the principle of Shari`ah as a result of sacrifices by more than one and a half million people. The lackeys of America are aggrieved for the destruction of buildings which had been constructed with billions of dollars which housed hundreds of offices and were visited by the largest number of tourists in the world. On the other hand, the Islam-loving people are struck with the pain that the fort of peace and integrity exists no more where the Quran and Hadth were supreme law and Islamic teachings were prevailing in every institution – be it judiciary or finance; education or police. The rulers of the fort had devoted their lives to Allah. They ate simple food, wore simple dresses and lead a very simple life.

The buildings in America and the Emirate in Afghanistan were founded on two opposite principles. The former were a symbol of arrogance and the later was an embodiment of simplicity and humility. In fact, the structures based on humility never decay and they do exist even after getting destroyed. But the buildings which are based on arrogance are the sign of nation’s downfall and their existence is a shame. America and its allies are highly arrogant. They consider themselves to be a superior creature and look down scornfully upon the rest of humans, especially the Muslims.

They are devoid of emaan and guidance due to their arrogance. They want to establish their hegemony over the whole world and are ambitious to build the palace of their grandeur over the wreckage of humanity. Being power-hungry, slaves of their desires, drinkers, gamblers, they are the ones who rebel against nature.

While laying the foundation of the towers, the haughty architects had a vision that the building would be an icon of America’s superiority and its dominance over the whole world, and with its strength, beauty and spaciousness would tell the world that no country or nation could compete or fight America.

On the other hand, the humble people were busy founding a building in the form of Islamic Emirate that would be a live symbol of Allah’s greatness, and its stability and eminence would tell the world that Allah is Omnipotent and every living being is bound to obey His orders and worship Him. Life and death, honour and disgrace, success and failure all these things are destined by Allah. All human beings are equal and a white is not superior to a black, the rich to the poor and an American to a Pakistani. No one has the right to force the fellow humans into becoming his slaves and nobody can bind someone to comply with a self-made law.

Today, when we have seen the sun of 11th September 2002 rise and fall, the buildings and the emirate are destroyed. The names of people who destroyed the former are anonymous. Who were they? What were their real objectives? Who ere did they get the funds? How did they succeed to hijack the planes despite security arrangements? Nobody has a definite answer to all these questions. The debris of WTC has been removed and the upholders of materialism are planning to construct another building at the site, while a struggle is going on in the deserts, mountains and streets of Afghanistan for the formation of a spiritual centre or an emirate that would be a symbol of Islam’s eminence and revival of Islamic caliphate.

Surely, the opponents of the emirate are straining every nerve to prevent the formation of this emirate. They are equipped with military power, financial resources and apparent grandeur, but still there is no reason that the believers should feel disheartened. History tells us that from the birth of Hazrat Adam (‘alaihis salaam) to the present era, there has been an unabated fight between the believers and unbelievers, between the truth and the falsehood and between religiosity and paganism. The Divine philosophy behind this fight is that the believers’ spirit of jihad may not fade. Otherwise they would misapply their passions in useless activities like enjoying music, finding pleasure in pornography or running lustfully after wealth while forgetting Allah and Rasoolullah (sallallahu `alaihe wasallam). The result would be nothing but disgrace and downfall. Despite the Muslims’ disunity and internal differences, the big world powers feel horrified by even a tiny struggle for Islam’s renaissance.

If the upholders of material civilization, on the basis of their financial resources, are confident of reconstructing the buildings symbolizing their satanic ideologies then why should the upholders of spiritual civilization have any doubts about establishment of Islamic caliphate reflecting the Quranic ideologies? The renaissance of Islamic caliphate is the need of the Muslims all over the world and this is possible only when the Muslims make a sincere struggle for the sake of Allah and leave aside their personal interests and worldly desires. Then, they would succeed in establishing a glorious emirate and hundreds of trade centers would appear like toy-like houses.


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