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There is a person who has been highly confused and restless. He was not the same in the beginning but his state changed afterwards. His mind, heart, tongue and gestures have been suffering from restlessness. He wants to do something but unable to. He wants to see his desired things but cannot. He wants to see his dreams come true but his luck does not support him. Those whom he considered big, proved small people. Those, whom he wants to see as leaders, proved to be incapable of stepping into the power lobby. Those who talk good, possess bad character. His tongue and lips do not support his words he wants to produce. He wants to write something but his pen and hand do not cooperate with him. His oration proves to be baseless. His write up lacks professionalism. He does not know the principles of various fields. He is neither the rider of teaching profession nor is a beginner in the field. He is completely a restless person.

However, it is a startling fact that I have come across people talking about him with an exaggeration. Some consider him an intellectual and some think that he is an orator. Some hold him in great esteem and think that he is an extra-ordinary person. But, this is absolutely an illusion. People are of the habit of giving unnecessary titles to others on the basis of nepotism and favouritism. So is with this person.

Besides those who exaggerate, there are people who are curious about him and want to know who this person actually is? How does he behave and what is his status? I know him since 44 years and have seen his childhood. I have seen his peak time and fall as well. I am aware of his qualities and weaknesses. So, in my today column, I want to specially discuss this personality with various particular references.

As per my research, his forefathers were Sikhs. Probably his great-grand father changed the religion and embraced Islam from where the generations turned Muslim. Despite becoming Muslim, none of his entire family was able to serve Islam. Nobody from this family became religious scholar and none could become a Hafiz. They were simple Muslim villagers and lived their lives as agriculturists. They considered mosque as only a place to offer prayers. They never bothered to see and know what exactly are the activities in Madaris. They were of the view that only orphans study at Madaris. With this reference a Madrasah was normally considered an orphanage in their village.

At the time of birth, this man was quiet healthy. When he was about three years of age paralysis attacked him and paralyzed his legs. His father utilized all his resources to get his son cured but he could not stand on his feet again. It appeared that he was made to sit for some important purpose, which his parents could not understand and used to cry for him. Whenever he saw his parents crying for him he became restless. What else he could do for his parents.

His parents put him in a school. At the age of nine, on the advise of Imam of a nearby mosque, he was admitted to a Madrasah for Hifz-e-Qur’an. He found this job quiet difficult. And so he did not have any intension to learn the Holy Qur’an by heart. He wanted to play with his friends in lanes and grounds. He wanted to see sports matches, wanted to join other boys playing in playgrounds to enjoy life but he could not fulfil his desire. He faced whatever was written in his fate. However, in a short span of eleven months he preserved the biggest wealth of the world in his heart and became a Hafiz but he never thought that he has become the wealthiest person on the earth. He still thought that he was no more than a beggar.

After completing Hifz-e-Qur’an, he was asked to get admission to a nearby Madrasah, only Madrasah in town, which was known more for arranging Qur’an Khwani than imparting religious education. For a few months he remained a student in this Madrasah and enjoyed the feasts in the wake of Qur’an Khwanis. There was a possibility that he would become a person who prefers feasts more than the religion, the nature once again showed miracle and he got an opportunity to visit various Madaris for education purpose.

The reality was that he half-heartedly got admission to these Madaris but on the basis that he was intelligent so he kept his upward journey and climbed many steps. Ultimately he got the required degree in religious education.

After completing his education, he thought of doing something good for the village he belonged to. He wanted to ameliorate the religious thinking of people there. Although he was offered good teaching jobs in big cities but he opted to return to his village to serve his own people. One year he spent in hard struggle, which bore fruit. However, some anti-religion feudal lords became hurdle in his way by terming him a ‘Wahabi’. This led to quarrels, scuffles and lastly the clash between two groups as a result of which many people including his father sustained injuries. This situation disheartened him and he left the village for city where he joined a university and served there for about 19 years as a teacher.

As he was one of the founder teachers of the university, he got opportunity to teach the higher classes. Besides teaching, he was also fond of writing for various papers. During his leisure time while he was still with the university he wrote a couple of books, which were highly praised. This encouraged him and he moved further ahead and spent more time in writing books, which earned him recognition at various fora. Thanks God, this fame and recognition did not caste negative impact and he remained within the limit and never exaggerated about his own capabilities as happens in the case of other people who after getting fame forget their past and spoil themselves.
This person was well aware of his weaknesses. The darker side of his life constantly cursed him as a result of which he wanted to spend most of his time in loneliness where he could shed some tears to beg for Allah’s mercy. Many a times he thought of saying good-bye to his life in cities and get lost in woods, but it was not possible for him now.

Strange that mostly people consider him an extra-ordinary intellectual and religious scholar and invite him to deliver lectures on various occasion at Madaris and other gathering. He is a physically disabled person and does not have command over speeches. He is not an outspoken orator. His speech is not more than the speech of a Tableeghi person (preacher). When he speaks at some function, his hosts notice that his speech does not motivate the gathering and people do not shout any slogans. So, they become hopeless and think that everything that glitters is not gold.
On the other hand this persons has apparently set a very tight and busy schedule for his life. He has a burden of responsibilities on his shoulders for his home and family members. For this reason he wants to stay away from activities like processions, addresses and other functions. He wants to serve the people by teaching them about Qur’an and Sunnah.

It is a trend in our society that organizers of functions invite people like philanthropists to seek their support from financial point of view. But in his case they get disappointed. I know this person since 44 years. He is not stingy. He is a man of big heart. He is not rude. He is very friendly fellow. He tells jokes and enjoys discussions. He has organised a number of public gatherings. This revealed a fact to him that politics is not a sincere act. He did not like people of different parties are standing against one another. So, he became disgusted. His conscience did not allow him to go to knock at the door of capitalists for the benefit of parties. He thought that joining any ethnic or religious party would lead to the danger of life. Therefore, he remains away from the politics. He also does not have his own party so he is deprived of being a leader of any group. This situation raises a question that how can a person who himself is a patient, can provide any cure to others. My advice is to leave this man at his will and never call him to address public gatherings. Moreover, people should not attach great hopes to him. The valued readers will now be thinking who could this person be? Most of you might have understood. Its nobody else but Muhammad Aslam Sheikhupuri, the author of this column.

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