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O’Allah! The creator of all worlds, the creator of intellectual and beautiful human being, the provider of food and nutrition to each and every living thing on the earth and under the soil, the most merciful, the listener to every grief and the provider of relief, although I have been away from the worship, I am a Muslim, have committed sins, I have been the exercise board for the non-Muslims all over the world. My home in Palestine has been bulldozed, I am on footpaths, I am on roads, I am living miserable life in relief camps, every day I see killings of my dear and near ones, many a times I was compelled to eat flash of dogs and cats in Sabira and Shatila camps, my Qibla-e-Awwal (the Aqsa Mosque) has been in the control of Jews but I am unable to do anything. Iraq is my own country but I am not more than a prisoner in my own homeland. I don’t have liberty to spend life in peace. American terrorists are freely roaming around on the roads in my country. They kidnap Muslim women from villages and towns and later their bodies are found at footpaths and roundabouts.

Each and every stone and mountain in Kashmir is stained with my blood. The worshipers of idols have full liberty to indulge into activities of their desire. So, no Muslim man, woman, child and elderly person are protected against their oppression.

More than 1.6 million Muslims in Afghanistan have rendered sacrifice of their lives, a number of children have become orphan, old parents have lost their hope for their old age, women have lost their husbands, millions have lost their limbs and become crippled for life. Cities, towns and villages have become deserted. Job opportunities have diminished, business and trade activities have come to stand still. But, I never cared for any of such things. My aim was to see a real Islamic state. At last my desires come true and a real Muslim state appeared on the globe. Later, whatever happened, no one except you, knows well. Those who were the followers of Islam, who believed in the Kalima-e-Tauheed, extended their all-out support to the enemies of Islam and ruined the Islamic state turning the fast developing country into ruins. The building, which was established with the blood of Muslims, has been caved in, buried in the caves.

O’Allah! You know everything that is open or hidden. Where should I go to show my wound? Who should I tell my saga? Where should I go to shed my tears in grief? The living has been narrowed for me. Till yesterday I was a Mujahid. But, today I have been termed a terrorist. Those who are against the followers of Islam, the last Prophet, Muhammad, (), are hunting for me. They are combing the mountains, valleys, mosques, Madaris and every nook and corner. When I am caught, I am stripped off in chilled weather, I am dragged on rough fields with bar-fetters on. I am treated as I am not a human being or a living creature. I am subjected to a treatment meted out to a dead animal. I am subjected to severe torture. Sensitive parts of my body are burnt with cigarettes. They thrash me severely. When they become tired of torturing me, hand me over to other to continue with inhuman treatment. From the mountains of Afghanistan to the torture cells of Guantanamo, my horrible saga is written.

There are organizations for the protection of wildlife, there are bodies raising voice for the rights of dogs and other animals, but there is not a single organization around the globe that could raise voice against the atrocities meted out to me. There is no human rights organization, which could raise voice for my rights. What is this life that I don’t even have right to roam around independently in my homeland. There is no jail in the Muslim and non-Muslim world where I am not imprisoned. In jails I spend miserable days. My wounds while remaining without any cure, become fistula. But no one comes for my rescue. I die of thirst but nobody comes to give me a drop of water. I find no difference between Muslims and non-Muslim oppressors, for me all are same and cruel. There are many who believe in Islam, I begged for mercy before them on the name of Allah but they turned their face to other side with hatred. They spit on my face. Many times I tried to make them understand that we belong to the same religion and we are the offspring of one Adam and we believe in one last Prophet who rests in Medina, but instead of listening to my grievances, they subjected me to severe torture. O’Allah! Where that Ummah has gone which was the strongest shield of Islam against the non-Muslim nations. Which were the rescuers for the oppressed. Which was united at one platform and enemies used to stay away from them. Now is the situation that Muslims have been divided into small sects, groups. They live in different states and have different beliefs, different religions. They have different kingdoms and rules and working for their personal benefits. Muslims around the globe are no more thinking of taking collective efforts for the betterment and strength of Ummah. Muslims now are of the practice of finding friends from among the non-Muslims and enemies of Islam and they are forgetting their own brethren. They give priority to non-Muslims on the Muslims in many cases. They have soft corners for Jews, Christians and Hindus but for Muslims they have hatred in their hearts. O’Allah! Bless Muslims with wisdom and make them understand that non-Muslims are never the friends of Muslims. O’Allah! Turn my disgrace into my dignity and give me strength to brave such brutalities. O’Allah! Show right path to my rulers. Open their eyes to see the right and wrong. Make them true followers of Muhammad (). Save them from the slavery of Europe.

O’Allah! Bless me with able leadership. I have huge treasures of natural resources, I have petroleum products, mountains of gold, and so many other things besides we have brains and manpower, but we lack a leader who has ability to utilize all such natural resources in proper ways. O’Allah! We don’t have a courageous leader who would look into the eyes of enemies and challenge them for their wrong doings and atrocities against Muslims. O’Allah! I vow that I’ll not leave the world unless I have my heart filled with the love for Islam and Holy Prophet Muhammad (). O’Allah! Give me courage and strength against the evil. Aameen.

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