Al Quran

Those who consume interest cannot stand ( on the day of resurrection) except as one stands who is being beaten by satan into insanity. That is because they say, “ trade is (just) like interest.” But Allah has permitted trade and forbidden interest. So whoever has recieved an admonition from his Lord and desists may have what is past, and his affair resist with Allah. But whoever returns to (dealing in interest or usury) those are the companions of the fire; they will abide eternally therein.  [Surah Al-Baqarah, 275]




Hazrat Abu Hurairah R.A narrated that Prophet P.B.U.H said: “Learn the Quran and recite it, because the example of one who learns the Quran, reads it and recites it in Tahajjud is like an open bag full of musk, the fragrance where of spreads over the entire place, and a person who has learnt the Quran but sleeps while the Quran is in his heart, is like a bag full of musk but with its mouth closed.”  [Tirmizi, Nasai]


Why Should Sahabah Be Our Role Models


Why should the Sahabah (radi Allahu anhum) of Prophet Muhammad (sal Allahu alahi wa sallam) be our role models? They had different personalities and different professions and none was a great scientist or movie star or athlete, so why look up to them or learn about them? The answer is that they were the followers of Prophet Muhammad (sal Allahu alahi wa sallam) just as we are.

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Have you noticed the beautiful flowers, green leaves with dew drops, flying birds high in the skies, flowing stream between landscape, swimming fishes with different colors, high peaked mountains.

Do you know what the colorful buds say when they blossom? What the birds sing while taking flight in early morning? Have you pondered upon the panorama dwelling in the seas?

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A French Girl


The checkout girl who was in her duty dress and was an Arab Muslim girl. She started to scan the items of Ayesha one buy one and then she looked at her with arrogance and said:"we have in France many problems, your Niqab is one of them!! We, immigrants, are here for trade and not to show our Deen (religion) or history! If you want to practice your Deen and wear Niqab then go back to your Arab country and do whatever you want!!"

Ayesha stopped putting her grocery in the bag and lifted up her Niqab for the other female to see her face.

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